Best Missouri Haunted Houses & Halloween Attractions

Missouri's many haunted attractions are all vying for the spotlight that comes with being the best. Whether they are Haunted Houses or Spook Walks, there are some that rise above the rest to become essential destinations for celebrating Halloween. These Featured Haunts represent some of the most bone-chilling attractions you'll find in the entire state and are mandatory for a truly spooktacular haunt season.

RIP at Myers Inn Haunt
Carthage, MO

Carthage Missouri #1 haunted hotel!! Over 12,000 square feet of terror. It will be one of the best haunts of the year!... Read More

The Living Dead
Lees Summit, MO

THE LIVING DEAD It was only a matter of time... ? Humans have been trying to play God for too long, and now the bill has come due. ? In a testing facility, experiments have gone awry. Well in... Read More


Large metropolitan areas and a wide array of small towns allow haunted attractions to pop up in every corner of Missouri. Since locating all of the ones you'll want to visit can be a challenge,'s interactive map was designed to aid both longtime residents and tourists. Find your next favorite haunt or plan an evening that may even feature visits to multiple haunts.